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The ferret maneuver


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Hi all,


My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 7 years. This september will mark our 7th anniversary. The reason for waiting so long is that I am still in school and will finish this December. We started talking about marriage a month ago and I said I would ask her to marry me in a year after I graduated and have a stable job for at least 6 months. Another reason I told her I would ask her in a year would be to give me time to save some money for her ring.


What I did not tell her was that the money which I have been hoarding for a new laptop I would put into the ring and I would have enough in 2 months.


This september is her Birthday and also our anniversary. I plan to take her to Berns, an upscale steakhouse in Tampa that is reservation only. There I would ask the question.


Basically somewhere in our conversation I would comment "Wow can you believe we've been together for seven years. " Once she replies I would ask her to marry me. "How about making it forever? Will you marry me?"


Only part of this is that I am not sure if sliding the box across the table or somehow walking around and kneeling.


Any suggestions?

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The reason for naming this the ferret is for the fact that I cunningly mislead her to when I would pop the question while giving myself a perfect excuse to go to a fancy restaurant. That and she does not know what kind of ring I would be getting her.


The only downside is that I wished I picked a different screen name to post under since if she ever came to this site she would instantly know my Screen name. :blink:

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Sneaky - I like it!


One thing you can consider is getting the restaurant involved. For desert, they could bring a plate over that has one of those stainless steel covers (can't remember the name-put on top of a dish to keep it warm) and have the waiter say it is a special desert that is on the house. Of course when he lifts off the cover she will see the ring - let the fun begin!


Good luck!

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