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noob looking for engagement ring.


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2.09 HVS2





is this right price? what else should i be evaluating in terms of the specifications? what's exvg mean? how important is heart and arrow cut? thanks in advance. my time table got very unexpectedly moved forward in terms of purchasing the ring so i am finding myself trying to get educated in short order.

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It’s hard to translate other peoples abbreviations but EXVG probably means that the GIA grading report indicates Excellent polish and Very Good Symmetry.


I rather like the H&A patterning in the symmetry but not everyone does. Is it important? I guess that depends on whether you like it. Most of the dealers that promote stones for their premium cutting will do it but the reverse is not always the case. That is to say, fabulous cuts usually have H&A but presence of H&A doesn’t mean it’s a fabulous cut. Good cutting is important.


For a whirlwind education, start by talking to your dealer and by reading the tutorial here.


Then go to the ‘online jeweler’ section at the top of the page and enter some parameters around your stone. That’ll give you a clue both to what some other people are selling things like that for and you can tweak the various parameters so see what changes what. Pick a few of the dealers who advertise, go to their sites and read the education sections. Pay the most attention to the section on ‘cut ‘ since that’s probably what you know the least about at this point. Read through the questions and answers on this forum. Google for ‘Diamond Grading’ and similar terms and look for well thought out tutorials among the 5,000.000 hits this will generate. As with all internet information, you need to watch out for dealers agendas since these sites are generally trying to sell you something and some are just plain stupid but if you see the same things repeated over and over in different places, you’ve got a decent clue that there’s substance. You can learn a lot, quickly, and for free if you’re diligent and maintain a healthy skepticism.



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Thanks for the quick response. I've been reading this board and have been noticing how helpful you've been to people. Thanks. Honestly, the biggest thing I just want to be sure of is that I'm not getting ripped off. Does the pricing seem reasonable? I know that there are other specific measurements like the table, etc. What are some of these that I should know about the diamond for you to better help me evaluate the diamond, or is H&A good enough to indicate to you all these relavent dimensions. Thanks again, and sorry for all of these stupid questions.



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A GIA report issued after August 2005 will have a cut grade that you can look up at www.reportcheck.gia.edu. This cut grade is helpful in coming to a decision. I find Sarin/OGI reports helpful but, in the end, I’m not going to be able to give you what you would call a straight answer without looking at the stone. There are too many issues. I like most H&A’s but there are exceptions. Ask the jeweler if he’s willing to send it to me. Many are more than happy to comply if you cover the shipping (and my fees of course).


Evaluating the pricing is a similar problem. The price is not the only attribute that makes a good deal good and without fully understanding what you have, there’s no way to assign an appropriate price. The ‘online jeweler’ offers should produce several superficially similar stones being sold by a few different people in an extremely competitive marketplace. If you’re buying from a store, it’s usually a little more than these guys and, hopefully, they are giving you better service along with it. Once again, I can ‘t really give a straight answer about whether the service you get is worth it because it will depend on you what you value.



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