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Rhodium coating over earrings


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I'm a longtime lurker, and have learned to value your opinions, so here's my current question.


I have a pair of earrings, yellow gold cross stitch, set with diamonds (not dangly, just studs). I love them and wear them happily, but find myself always wishing they were set in white gold instead of yellow, in part because they would then coordinate beautifully with other jewelry that I have and wear often.


A girlfriend recently had some jewelry rhodium coated -- diamond bracelet and matching earrings.


Could I do this to my jewelry without damaging the earrings? I love them, and they have sentimental value (college graduation gift from my parents), but do want them to be white.



What's the process like? How long does it take? How much can/should it cost (ballpark)?


And ... if you think this is a reasonable approach ... do you know of any reputable jewelers in either NYC or Hudson/Essex/Union counties in NJ to have it done?


Thanks ---



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It shouldn't be a problem and it shouldn't be expensive. Talk to a jeweler with a repair shop on site and they should be able to tell you if there are any details that may cause a problem. They should be able to do it quite quickly and I would be surprised if it costs more than $40.



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