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How to find our good qty diamond


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Start by finding a good quality dealer.


You do this by getting recommendations from your friends, neighbors, and coworkers, by looking at their store, reading their advertisements, reading their website, read the advice they give on these forums, talking to them on the phone, in person or both. What you’re looking for is a dealer that thinks the same way you do and that you believe you can trust to give you accurate and useful advice for your purchase.


Then you tell them what your criteria are and you listen to their advice about how to balance your budget with the various things that are important to you. Listen carefully to what they say. If you have reason to believe that they’re telling you something inaccurate, incomplete or misleading, come back here and asks the experts. If it turns out that you’re getting the runaround, we’ll get you to the bottom of it and you go back to step #1 to find another dealer. If it turns out that their advice is good and that they have what you want, buy it.



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