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wife cheating


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The quickest way to determine whether it's expensive or not is simply to take it to your friendly neighborhood jeweler. Ask them if it's a real diamond, and roughly how much they think it's worth (no need for any kind of formal appraisal here). Most if not all jewelers will do this for free, so be sure to thank them for their time.


This is obviously the least of your problems... good luck dealing with this situation.

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I agree, even if you knew the jeweler where this came from, s/he has an obligation to maintain the identity of his/her customers confidential in order to protect their privacy.


If you control or have access to the family finances, you might be able to see the charge on a credit card or bank statement.


We're going a bit off-topic now, but why not just ask her in a non-confrontational way? If your wife is indeed cheating, there will be other tell-tale signs... phone records, long nights 'at work', etc. Is it possible she's safeguarding the ring for a friend? Some other logical and innocent explanation?

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