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Wants to know the quality of a diamond w/out GIA


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I am looking to buy a specific type of daimond that is around 2.45 carats. The seller is looking for $27000 for it. She is trying to convince me that it is a very good quality daimond. It does not have GIA Certificate. The daimond itself looks very big and "shiny" just like a good daimond should be. I do not know much about a daimond and even if I had a microscope to examine I wouldn't be able to notice any impecftion in the daimond. I have done some research for several days now just about daimond and I think that this is a very good deal. Is it possible for a daimond ranging in the E-G color and VVS1-VS2 to be at this price? I can never afford a daimond in D-G color with a GIA certificate. Therefore, I am really interested in this particular daimond, but do not want to take the risk of getting anything of a lower quality that what the seller said.

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A $27k diamond needs to have a lab report, or at least an appraisal from a qualified prefessional appraiser, with it..


Make a deal with her - she sends it for a report, or to an appraiser of your choosing, if it comes back as she described it you buy the stone and pay for the report.. If it comes back as anything else you do not have to buy the diamond (but you still may) and she pays for the report..


Sorry - forgot to add this - in the end, the most important thing about the diamond is how it makes you feel and not what a piece of paper tells you to feel..

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I'm inclined to be be less generous than Steve on this one.


A correctly graded 2.45 F VVS2 with papers and no other problems would be a pretty good deal at $50k. This is right in the middle of your range. You can bet both your dealer and their supplier know this. If they could get an extra $23k by buying a $300 exam and waiting a few weeks I think there’s a darned good chance they would do it. What this tells me is that it’s not that, that the dealer knows it’s not that, and that this and more was included in your range of possible grades for no purpose other than to confuse you. I sort of wonder why she didn't include D-IF as one of the choices.


A 2.45 H SI1 that somebody is willing to call G VS2 is pretty easy to buy at about $20k, less than half the price. This means that the real question is - why do you believe the grading? You've agreed that your own grading skills are lacking and the word of someone who you already know is trying to mislead you may not be the best basis for this decision.


All 2.45ct diamonds look big and all but the very worst are 'shiny'. You need more.



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