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Faint blue diamonds


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Hello everyone,


Wondering if anyone will be able to provide me with a rough guide on the cost of faint blue diamonds relative to normal white diamonds. I'm looking for a parcel of 25 pieces of approx 0.2 carats each.


Would appreciate if you guys are able to provide me with info as to where I could locate them.


Thanks :)

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This is a consumer site and consumers rarely buy diamonds by the parcel so the dealers don't usually stock this sort of thing. Any of them would probably be happy to discuss it with you if you call them up. It's an unusual and possibly very expensive request and it will depend a huge amount on the details:


Do you mean faint blue fluorescence?

Do you mean 25 matched natural fancy blues?

Do you mean color treated fancy blues?



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Hi Neil and David,


Thanks for the reply. I made a mistake on my earlier post.. i meant to say 25 pieces of 0.02 - 0.03 each. I'm considering having my wedding band custom made and is toying with the idea of using natural faint blue diamonds (just a light hint of blue). The design we have in mind is a small row of channel set diamonds ala eternity style set across a platinum band.


Just scouting for some idea bout the cost and if its really practical to do so. I know natural blue diamonds are hard to come by.. but at the small carat weights i have in mind, i was hoping it'd be easier :). Plus I've read the ones which are vivid coloured are the more costly ones, compared to faint coulours.

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Maybe you could find some "reasonably priced" blues at $15k per carat.


I would not advise going that route, as blue is a very difficukt color to "transmit"- so a few small diamonds could cost a fortune, and still not ending looking very blue at all.


For example- A light pink diamond in pink gold takes on a lovely shade- but there's no such thing as "blue gold"

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