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Wedding Bands


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Hello again,


Now that I have purchased my beautiful enagagement ring (only wish I could have gotten something a little bigger :(


I want to start looking at a wedding band. My finacee's birthstone is Amethyst ane she loves that stone, but I am having a difficult time finding a diamond and amethyst combo in wedding bands. I like many of the bands I have seen online in what I think is known as the 'eternity' look in both half and full....but everything is rubies and sapphires.....no semi-precious stones like Amethyst....


So, any advice as to where to start looking...I have done EXTENSIVE web searches and have found many non-wedding band rings....but they look like they would be way too bulky to be a band...


Thanks as always,



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Most jewelers can set almost any stone you want into the mounting of your choice. There are a few engineering type issues with some designs because amethyst isn't usually cut the same way that diamonds are but your chosen jeweler should be able to work out something you would like. Ask 'em.


It's worth noting that amethyst isn't a particularly durable stone and may cause you trouble down the road in a wedding ring. Be prepared to have stones replaced periodically as they break or wear out.



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