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Wich is more important, vvs or color?


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I would like to find out which is more important in the qualifications of a diamond stone if i have a fixed budget? Is a 1 kirat H color vs1 better or a 1 Kirat I color vvs1? Sealed or unsealed is not the question. It's wich is more important The color (H or I) or the purity (VVS or VS)? I was told by a jewler that I is good, but VS is out of the question, it loses half or the stone's value. And another told me the color is most important, u can sacrifice the vvs and get a vs to lower the price, it's no big diffrence in value.

Wich is right? Please advice me.

Thank you

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It depends on what you mean by ‘value’. They sell for about the same price and well within the range caused by the other value characteristics. Using the database on the front page of this site, I find 1ct. H VS1’s offered from $2986-$6480 and 1ct I VVS1’s offered from $4404-$5695.


The factor of two span mostly has to do with cut and reliability of grading, both of which I consider to be more important issues than the two you mention.


Neil Beaty


Professional Appraisals in Denver

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Assuming that the color/clarity grading has been done by a reliable lab such as GIA or AGS, then the most important factor is the Cut Quality of the diamond.


The better the Cut, the lower you can go on both color and clarity and still obtain an eye-clean face up white diamond. Increasing the Cut Quality increases light refraction to your eye, making the diamond appear "whiter" and "cleaner".

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