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Is my diamond an Old mine cut or am I being BSed


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I recently to a 14k gold diamond bracelet to a pawnshop(given this was before i knew how to properly sell a diamond) to try and get a little money for it since my ex fiance left it at my place and she has forgotten about it. anyways i have some appraisal papers and a lab report that lists the diamond as either .9 ct or 1ct because there are to different appraisals but only one lab report so im not sure which one corresponds. the lab report lists 1ct round brilliant, si2, no FL, grade D. the appraisal is for 4500 or 5300, with a reciept for 4350 from a jewler that i found too.


anyways.......when i went to the pawnshop i asked if i should bring them and they said no. i went in and they said they could only offer 165 cuz its an old min cut and not worth as much. not knowing then, i took and still have some time before the loan is up. my main question of concern is do you think they might have lied about the cut to cheat me? or even is it possible to misread a round as an old mine cut? or maybe im wrong my ex's bracelet is not the same one the reciept is for and maybe its her grandmas or something which would be why it might be more likely its an old mine since its older.


anyways i want to take to a jewler to sell it properly but need to figure if its worth it. do u think she was wrong or not? if by chance it is an old mine. how much do u think i can get for it if its in not mint but good condition?


thanks for the help

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