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Which diamond is better? D/VS1 or E/VVS2?


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I'm facing a choice between a 1.61ct. D/VS1 and a 1.78ct. E/VVS2. They are both EX/EX/EX (cut grading, polish, symmetrry) on the GIA cert. The %s are almost the same with the D having a 61.9% depth and E 61.2%. Table sizes are both 57%. The only other difference is the E has a faint flourescense and the D none.


They both give out lots of fire. The E appears to be giving out slightly more fire, but I wonder if it's because of the slight blue flourescence.


The D is offered at about $21,000 and the E at $24,000. Are these good deals?


Which is a better deal? Which one should I go for? Thanks. It's for an engagement ring.

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In terms of color and clarity you are basically splitting hairs as you likely cannot distinguish much of a color difference even side by side and definitely should not be able to distinguish a clarity difference with the naked eye.


I'd simply pick whicever looks best to you.


The faint or slight fluorescence really shouldn't factor in either. Likely, the only way you would ever even know it had fluorescence is if it were under a UV light. Maybe at a club. :P

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When I did a search on this site I found the prices to be about the same as I've been quoted. Note that the stones I've been quoted have a GIA grading of Excellent cut, and Excellent on both polish and symmetry, and have no flourescence.


Mumrah, just out of curiosity, how much did you pay and what were the ratings and flourescence? Thanks.

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Hi Jd,


The prices don't seem too out of line. Of course there's always someone a few bucks cheaper but they are reasonable considering the cut qualities.


Since the two are so close jd, what you might consider doing is having a more thorough exam done on the cut or perhaps posting the cut details here from the reports so perhaps we can comment further for ya. If I get enough data (such as provided on GIA Reports (on or after 01/06 and the newest AGS Reports) I can even provide an estimated *virtual image* of the stone for ya.



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The E looked brighter to you, and that would be because of the cut most likely versus fluorescence. There can be a range of what an excellent cut grade looks like. Your eyes are the final judge. Normally when we compare 2 different diamonds for our clients and their eye picks one out as the brighter stone, we then test them on the equipment, and most of the time their eye picked the one that got the better rating. Buy the one that you like the most. And of course the one that you feel meets your budget.

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