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Are diamond prices going up?


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I've been told my jewelers that diamond prices are rising. Is this true?


I've also been told that D color diamonds in the range of 1.60 - 1.80 ct. are not easy to come by, and usually sell more than the rap sheet. Is this correct?


What should I expect to pay for such a diamond if I demand EX/EX/EX on the GIA cert, with no flourescence?


Thanks in advance.

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Yo Dave! How ya been man? Was thinkin about ya lately as I've been learning guitar. Actually took it up last September and have been learning on Beatles. :P How are things on the street?




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Hey Rhino!!

Nice to hear from you too


Well 47th Street is sure changing!

Today Berger's deli is being gutted- a landmark of the the street- because a skyscraper is going up.....:o



Beatles..... great tunes for learning.

Which songs have you learned so far?

Hey Dave,


Bergers!!! I can't believe it. Gosh I haven't been to the street in a while ... doing mostly everything through the mail these days. I miss it actually ... used to break up the monotony of my week. My sis still goes in each week though. So this skyscraper is going up in its stead?


Guitar: Oh yes ... Took it up since about last September. Wifey bought me an acoustic the Christmas of 2004 and I didn't pick it up till Sept.. :lol: Got a DVD ... guitar for dummies :P started learning chords and took off from there.


Hrm ... I try to make it a habit to practice each day for roughly a half an hour or so but here are some tunes I have under my belt.


You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

A Day In the Life

Nowhere Man

All My Lovin

Can't Buy Me Love

Please Please Me

She's Leaving Home

From Me To You

Two of Us

It's Only Love

Rocky Racoon


And a couple of Pink Floyd tunes...


Wish You Were Here



roughly 25-30 songs in total so far


I've basically been strumming along to John's part in the tunes but am pretty anxious to start taking lessons so I can learn rifs and leads.


How long are you playing now Dave?


Kind regards,

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Today Berger's deli is being gutted

We can finally put away the Tums. :lol::P:o:P

Funny. I recall needing those. :)

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