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Daily Cleaning?


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When my fiancee purchased my E-ring, the lady told him that in order to keep it cleaner it would be good for me to drop it in a bottle of cleaning solution while I am in the shower every day as a routine. I have been doing this for 5 months now. Is this particularly good/bad for the ring? I don't use the brush when I get it out or anything. I was just wondering if you all have any suggestions or what you do with your rings when in the shower.

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That is pretty common and good advice. Using the cleaning solution every day will help keep it clean so major cleanings are needed less frequently. I would never recommend showering with the ring on, as soap buildup will cover the ring over time. If you don't want to use the cleaning solution every day, I would suggest a ring dish to place it in while you shower so you always know where it is.

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