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Princess diamonds - what is good for "Cut"?


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I have been using this forum to bring myself up to speed on a few of the basics for making that plunge into marriage!


I think I have most of it.... but one thing that seems to be eluding me..... what dimensions (for a princess cut) would be considered a brilliant cut? I heard there could be up to 35 different facets I would have to know dimensions for?


Im mainly focusing on Cut for myself...... I want to give her the most quality diamond I can. But Im also focusing on Carrat for her..... I know the bigger the better.... but i have seen some rings out there that look horrible because they are TOO BIG.... just gawdy.


Anyway... if you have any helpful information on choosing Cut..... or any helpful info on buying/shopping for princess cut diamonds I would love to hear from you!!!




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Hi mike,

Wow, that sounds so complicated-= how many facets do we need to keep track of?????


Truth is, it's a lot more simple than that.

A practiced eye can determine the finer points of the cut of a diamond- but the point of the whole thing is that the stone looks great to anyone!

So, a well cut diamond is truly a thing of beauty, and the way to go.


I'd say that you already have the main tool you'll need- that's judging people.

Shop around locally, or online.

Pick a seller you trust- and you'll get a good stone.


What's your price range?

If you're looking for a stone above one carat for $4000 or so, make sure to get a GIA report- accept NO substitutions.

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I did alot of research into Princess cut diamonds. This is my second time around because my first wife passed a few years back. When it comes to buying diamonds I have very good luck, comes with patience and knowledge. I just recieved a 1.6ct PR cut that is unbelievable from James Allen. They actually sort their diamonds based on cut unlike most places. When ever I select a diamond cut is the first thing then color then clarity.


By the way, I was partners in a jewelery store located 15 minutes from the diamond district in NYC. What I can get from distributers there is amazing but they still could not compare to what I found online. That does not mean that every online deal is good but witha 30 day money back garuantee, and a good jeweler to inspect, you have alot of inventory to select from. If you are looking for 1.5-1.75 ct let me know I will tell you my second choice. I am keeping teh first.


Thank you James Allen, specifically Josh. I brought the diamond to a wholesaler asking how much for a diamond to match to make a set and his price was 5k more that I paid.

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I think James Allen does a nice job as well. But as I understand their company, they do not own most of the diamonds. Don't they just get them from a diamond bank or whatever the correct term is. So please explain how they sort their diamonds by cut?

have you gone to their site? they sort the loose diamond search by cut quality tabs ie. ideal, premium, good....


I also know that they are reselling for other wholesalers but when I made my purchase, they had the wholesaler on the phone with us and asked for their inspection of the diamond and made them aware of the return policy, Josh actually told them that if was not like they said it would be returned. When it came I was very impressed.

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