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Is that about the right price?


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Hi all,

Thanks for reading my post. I'm on the processing of buying a diamond from diasource.com. Below is detail of the diamond. I wonder if I get the diamond with the OK price or too high.


Cut: AGS Ideal 0

Polish: Ideal

Symetry: ideal

Proportion: ideal

Color : F

Clarity: VS1

Carat: 1.008

Flourencence: inert

Price: $7,700



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Thanks again, David.

I did talk to them and they said the diamond is at their place. The diamond has the AGS report but doesn't have Lazer Inscription. I made a request to send to AGS Lab to do incription and I will pay the cost of doing that. So, the diamond is $7,700 and the cost for incription is $100. I did pay them $7800. By the way I just called them and they said they haven't got the stone back yet from AGS lab.



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Jessica- since you've already purchased we should congratulate you!


But there is an important point which the readers should know.


* to make sure the dealer actually has the diamond in hand, ask for a photo.



As far as laser inscription- I don't find it to be all that useful, but I can understand how consumers would think it is.

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