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Relative importance of diamond characteristics


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I'm completely new to diamond-buying, so I'd appreciate any assistance at all. I'll be proposing to my girlfriend in just a few weeks, and I'd like to buy a quality ring for her.


I have about $2750 to spend on a diamond, and I'd like to know what kind of characteristics I should be looking for? It would seem like a waste to have a flawless diamond with a yellow color to it, so I figure there is a balance to be struck between the different areas. Can anyone illuminate me as to what a good balance would be?


Perhaps a couple of tangible example might help as a reference, so I'll provide some. This is taken from bluenile.com:


Cost:             $2,745
Carat weight:     0.70
Cut:              Ideal
Color:            F
Clarity:          VS2

Depth %:          62.0%
Table %:          56%
Symmetry:         Good
Polish:           Excellent
Girdle:           Medium to slightly thick, faceted
Culet:            None
Fluorescence:     None
Measurements:     5.71x5.74x3.55 mm


Cost:             $2,743
Stock number:     LD00926198
Carat weight:     0.76
Cut:              Very Good
Color:            G
Clarity:          SI1

Depth %:          61.3%
Table %:          56%
Symmetry:         Excellent
Polish:           Excellent
Girdle:           Thin to medium
Culet:            None
Fluorescence:     None
Measurements:     5.93x5.95x3.64 mm



I also don't know what any of the lower characteristics (depth, table, symmetry, etc.) mean or what to look for, so help on that would be much appreciated as well. Thanks. :ph34r:

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The numbers look o.k. but have you seen the stones in person? There are some SI1's that are cleaner than others. Also have seen stones with numbers that are simlar that are duds and some that are bright and beautiful. Any light performance analysis on the diamonds?

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Hi Grant,


There really isn't enough information to determine the true cut quality of the diamonds that you listed as other propotions can and do factor into the performance of the stone. One thing I did notice however was that the first diamond was labeled "Ideal". A stone with Good symmetry is not an "Ideal" cut by AGS standards which is the only lab that uses the term as a cut grade. While the other proportions may be excellent, it technically is not "Ideal".


Have you received actual images and additional information on the stones?


In regards to a balance of specs and relative importance of characteristics, I think it varies a little for everyone as people have different priorities or characteristics that are more important to them.


I usually recommend G/H SI1 as a nice balance, assuming they are eye-clean. Well cut G/H color diamonds face beautifully, in my opinion.


Other things to consider are the vendors policies and willingness to provide you as much information as possible.


I wish you all the best.

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