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My Boyfriend recently bought me a five stone diamond engagement ring from a Zales outlet it has a platinum setting an a Total weight of 1 carat. After getting it sized i noticed a rather sizable black spot in the center diamond and small black spots in the smaller diamonds. I took it to the jewlery store where it was bought they acted like it was no big deal. It was not sold as a flawed diamond i know however that most all diamonds are flawed but it was not pointed out. When i stoped in to have them look at it they said it was just because it was an I2 diamond there was nothing that they could do about it. It was not sold as a I2 the grade of the diamond was never told. also it was sold as a Certified Diamond but they would not tell me what that exactly meant but that it had nothing to do with the subject. Is there any thing i can do about this.

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Not much you can do.. A 5 stone 1ct total weight ring is 5 .20ct stones.. No one would ever have a lab report done on these stones simply because of the cost of the report being about the same as the cost of the diamond.. It is not uncommon to see I2, I1, etc stones in this type of jewelry.. Especially if they are trying to hit a specific price point..


As for the "certified diamond" issue.. It's probably just that, certified that they are really diamonds and not much else.. I've seen several Zales rings that are "Cetertified Colorless" but that is a different issue from Clarity.. It's very possible to have a D color (colorless) I2 diamond..


The spots you are seeing are quite common for I2 stones.. It may have been something that you didn't notice when you purchased the ring.. But sizing a ring very rarely affects diamonds.. Even in platinum.. They can be burned if heated too much, but is a pretty obvious problem and not something like you are reporting..

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