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Retail price for heart shaped brilliant cut diamon


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Please provide me a retail price for a Heart shaped brilliant cut diamond. The specs are as follows:


depth 53.9%

Table 59%

Clarity SI1

Color Grade I

Carat weight 6.19


I wish to sell this diamond and need to know what the asking price should be.


Thank you, Dana

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Wow, that’s a big rock! I see a 5.22 I SI1 listed for retail sale at approx $48k but nothing over 6 cts comes up from a casual search. Of course, asking 48 grand isn't the same as getting it and who knows if there are any zingers in that deal that would affect it either direction. There's quite a lot that can affect a deal for goods like this.


Allow me to suggest that if you’re seriously considering selling anything in this price bracket, free advice on an internet forum from people who have never seen the stone may not be the best way to set your prices.



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Hi Dana,

Neil has a good point- it will be impossible to give an accurate number sight unseen.



I'd also never use a list of diamonds from the internet to ascertain what market value is for a given size of diamond


But I can give you a few tips:

If a dealer was selling the diamond for $100, you will not be able to sell the diamond for $100- or even $90. Dealers offer advantages to buyers that you can't......

BUT- you may have luck offering it to a dealer. Six carats is a very tough size to find nowadays.


How long have you owned it?

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