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BUYING ONLINE - demand the actual PHOTOS!


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This almost happened to me few days ago. I found a seemingly unbelievable ring on ebay from a seller that I'm not going to mention here because I did not finalize the purchase. The description of the ring was platinum, round diamond, color F, clarity SI2, size over 1.10 CTs, and price between $2500-$3000. In the pictures it had a beautiful setting but the image was somewhat unclear. So, I decided to contact the seller demanding more photos with better quality and shot from a close distance. It took me several days and maybe 7-8 back and forth e-mails to get an image of the actual ring. The image I got was shot from only one angle but difference between the advertized ring and the actual ring was more then obvious as you can see in the image below (images 1-3 are advertized, image 4 is the actual ring). The diamond is looking good but the setting is hideous compared to the advertized one. So, if you're buying a ring online make sure you first demand all the info that you need and especially the actual high quality digital images of the ring. At least that is easy to do nowdays, and they should not make excuses for not being able to do it.


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Great advice, we at diamondsonfifth.com have the option that the buyer can ask for a picture of the diamond. Let me tell you why this is important, lets say you want a princess cut diamond, ok that sounds good, but what you don't know that in a princess cut diamond there are two shapes, a square shape and a rectangular some people like it square and some rectangular.


So I recommend you ask your online jeweler to email you a picture of the diamond. The picture doesn’t have to be the best picture meaning you don’t have to see the color and the clarity because this is stated clearly on the cert the lost important is to see the shape of the diamond.

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