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Is the diamond, real?


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How can one tell if they have a real diamond or a ziconium stone? One test that I have heard of is, if the diamond is placed on a mirror, it will stick like a magnet to the glass in sun light. A fake will not. Is this true? Another myth that I have heard is, if the tip of the diamond is run across a piece of glass, the tip will cut the glass surface. I have a beautiful ziconium ring which even jewelers have struggled to determine if it was a diamond. It is a beautiful ring and, of course, they proved it was a ziconium stone. But, it is briliant in sun light. Years back, after receiving my inheritance, I priced having a real stone placed in the ring. Three quotes from different jewelers ranged from $3,400 to $3,600 dollars. I felt that I could do without. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank You, D.B.

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If your jeweler can't tell the difference between a CZ and a diamond you need to seriously consider a new jeweler.. This is a pretty straight forward thing to be able to determine..


Thre is a test in the FAQ section of the forum here that may help you, but a 'qualified' professional should have no trouble with this..

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