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how setting affects sparkle


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I have a .93 carat diamond with a I1 clarity rating, it's a brilliant round cut so it sparkles really well, especially in certain light. The setting has four prongs, but each prong is fairly wide (almost as if each prong is two welded togehter). When we went to purchase our wedding bands, the width of the setting creates a gap between the engagement ring band and wedding band which neither of us like the look of. So, we are looking at having the diamond reset with smaller prongs so the two bands rest next to each other. By doing so, quite a bit more light will hit the sides and underside of the diamond-- as it is now you can't see the flaw in certain light, but in other light it is more obvious. I'm nervous about spending money on resetting it and having the flaw be more obvious to the eye due to increased light entering it on the sides and from underneath. Does anyone know how this inreased light will affect the visibility of the flaw? We considered selling the diamond and buying a smaller (.75 carat) with a higher clarity rating? Any suggestions?

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Hi Funk,

The fact is, it's really impossible to know exaclty how the setting will affect the diamond's look- till it's done.

Sometimes an imperfection can dissapear in a setting- other times it gets much more visible.


I don't believe the thickness of the prings is creating a noticable dullness.


Sorry to say it- but you'll be gambling about how the resultant ring will look.....

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