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Diamond Buying


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Dear Post:


I am looking to purchase a 1.7 E Color Diamond with a VS2 grade. I am working with a jeweler who I trust, but had a question I hoped some of you could help me out with.


He recently showed me a diamond that had a table of 53% and a depth of 62.4%. As these parameters meet "Ideal" ratings, I heard that since these border the polar opposite ends of the respective ranges for "Ideal" that the diamond would be less brilliant. Is this true and does it matter?


Also, for you savvy readers how much would something like this cost me in a store.......It has EX Polish/Symmetry with no or "none" Fluorescence and very small cutlet.....thin to slightly thick girdle.


Thanks for all your help.

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The AGS "Ideal" grade is based on more than just the depth and table, it also takes into consideration the crown and pavilion angles and girdle and how all of these proportions relate to eachother. A diamond with "Ideal" depth and table and very steep pavilion will have more light leakage than a better balanced pavilion and crown angle combination.


Did you receive a Sarin or OGI report with the other measurements, backing up the "Ideal" grade?

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