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A local jeweler once pulled out the "rap sheet". He said it listed the best possible price per carrot, I could expect to get if I went directly to the diamond district in NYC. He used it as a selling tool. He showed me how he could match or beat the "rap sheet" price per carrot for the quality listed. But isn't the rap sheet just a suggested list selling price?

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The Rap Sheet (formally the "Rapaport Diamond Report") can be used as a deceptive selling tool, and I suspect that it is usually used in this manner when presented to consumers.


The Rap Sheet represents itself to be the "high cash asking price" for a given carat/clarity/color combination.


2 key words here:

"high" -- meaning that it is at the top of the range

"asking" -- meaning that it is the starting point of the discussion.


You do the math...

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There's a few other points to note here:

1) Going to "the diamond district" does NOT guarantee getting a good price, or a good stone


2) Attempting to use a price sheet like Rappaport, with no knowledge of the market can be very dangerous. Certain sizes, shapes, colors and clairties can be bought below the "Rap Price"

There are a lot of diamonds people are looking for today that can't be bought for less than Rap- in some cases consumers would need to pay well above "rap" to buy certian diamonds

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