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When selling your own diamond


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I have a 1.31ct diamond that i purchased about 10 years ago for $5700. I had it appraised at Littman Jewelers for insurance purposes at $6900. Using the pricing guide here it seems i could by a new stone similar to my own for about $5700 today online.


Now Im looking to sell/trade-in my stone to purchase a new one. The jeweler is offering me $4000. How much (as a % of retail value) should I expect to be able to sell a stone for to a jeweler who will re-sell it?

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Yuu got your mojo woikin'??? That's going to make a big differnce here.....KIDDING!



The thing to remember is this:

If you are willing to pay an established vendor $100 for a diamond, how much is it worth if you buy it from a guy standing outside the store??? A lot less- maybe it's worth $60.

Say thye store bought the diamond for $75, and now is selling it for $100.

If they paid their regular supplier $75, how much would they pay you?

Less. Probably about $50.


Just like the diamond is worth more to a consumer if it's in an established store, a diamond is worth more to the store coming from an established supplier.


I hope this helps....

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Comparing to the 'retail' prices isn't really going to help you very much. Assuming that the stone is correctly graded, that the stone is otherwise saleable and that there are no other problems, dealers seem to pay between 60%-75% of the prices that you see advertised here. A dealer offering $4000 cash for a $5700 stone is a pretty reasonable offer.



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