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Disappointed with my wedding ring!


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Pls help me!!


I bought three diamond rings last month in HongKong Jewelry store. I think I was cheated by them. I compared the diamond with my friend's. Mine is not as good as hers and much more expensive. In my diamond report from that jewelry store, they only wrote down Color "E" in the report. And my friend's diamond color is G. And my diamond color is more yellow than hers.


The Jewelry store said they don't accept those diamonds to be returned to them unless I can get a report to prove the quality.


What should I do? Where can I get the report to prove the quality? How long will it take? And how much it will cost?



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Often the stores with this kind of policy have very specific rules on who they will accept a report from. Ask them for a list of acceptable graderss. Work fast, there is also usually a deadline. Read their return policy carefully and in detail.


Start by complaining to the credit card company immediately. This is likely to take a while but this will document the beginning of your complaint.


Are you a Hong Kong resident?


For the benefit of other readers, NEVER buy from a store that has a policy like this. Read their return policy first, before you even consider buying anything. No Returns = NO SALES.



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