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EGL Certification


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Does anyone have any thoughts EGL? I have put a deposit on a diamond that is EGL certified. It seems that the more I read on message boards - I have started running across people commenting on how they are finding the diamonds (that were EGL cert) aren't what they thought they puchased. Ex. thought they bought a color E and they later learn it's something less. I would appreicate any thoughts concerning this matter. I was just worried that I am making a mistake.



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Part one, do you love the diamond?? Have you 'seen' the diamond?? This is the first and most important aspect of buying a diamond..


Second, if you have any doubts about the grading of the stone ask if you can have it appraised by a knowledgable appraiser with the sale of the diamond being contingent on you getting an appraisal that agrees with the certification..


All that said, you will also find that EGL lab reports tend to mean a slightly lower price for the diamond vs a gia graded stone.. This needs to be taken into consideration as well..

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In the trade, ANY report besides GIA is simply not taken seriously.

SO- if the seller is acting as if an EGL report is on par with a GIA, that's a problem.

Either they are not experienced enough i the trade to know, or simply not hionest enought to disclose this fact.


If it's a $2000 one carat diamond, these issues are much less important that if it's a $4000 one carat diamond

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