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Inclusions visible with unaided on girdle of diamo


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My daughter received an engagement ring a couple of days ago-when her boyfriend left to go home, she immediately came to me and said "look at these scratches on my ring. They are very easily seen from all sides of the diamond and appear to be located on the girdle of the stone. These appear to be located on the girdle of the diamond, they cannot be seen with the unaided eye viewing face up. This diamond does not have a "Certification" which really concerns me. It does however have an appraisal that was done by the jeweler that the ring was purchased from. The only information contained on the appraisal is a "Ladies 1.04 princess cut diamond set in 14K white gold. VVS2

clarity and H color. $6800.00 was paid for this ring and I am really concerned that it is not the clarity and color that it has been represented to be. Thanks for information you can provide on this matter.

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Get an independent appraisal immediately.


The big question in my mind is how to sell it to the boyfriend in a way that doesn't look like she's checking up on his gift. Perhaps a call from YOU to your insurance agent would be in order. With a bit of prompting, I imagine they would be happy to 'reject' that appraisal for insurance coverage and will instruct you to get one from an independent. This way the blame is solidly on you and the insurance company and your daughter won't come out looking or feeling unseemly. (In most cases the insurance companies will accept almost anything so you may need to explain why you are asking them in order to get the correct response).


If the appraisal comes out with a significantly different description, talk to the fiancee about and he can talk to the jeweler.



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I agree with DenverAppraiser. You should take it to an Independant Appraiser so you can get an unbiased opinion on the quality of your diamond.


You should always look for a diamond with a laboratory report (preferrably GIA or AGS). An appraisal from the actual jeweler who is selling the diamond can give it any grade he chooses so he can sell the diamond at a higher price to someone who is not educated or unaware.

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