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Question on purchase


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I recently bought a diamond, but want to find out if it is a good deal or not. I have some time to take it back, so let me know if it is decent or not. I will also get an appraisal, but wanting a second opinion.

Here are the specs:


Carat-1.27, round brilliant


Clarity- SI2



Crown height-15

Pavilion depth-44

girdle, thickness-medium, faceted

polish-very good

symmetry-very good



flourescence- none

Eagle International- certificate

I paid $5000, no tax 18K 6 prong setting included. The only issue I see is there is an internal inclusion right on top of the diamond, and it is visible if you look really close. I know SI2 is not perfect, but curious to see if other SI2's are like this.

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