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Asking Price ??????


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Today I looked at a diamond and below are the spec.



1.20 Carats

E Color

Si2 Clarity

62% Dept

57% Table

EGL Certified


Inclusions on the side

VG - both polish and symmetry


I have down research but I am just worried about making a mistake. I dont want to over pay. The price of the diamond is 6,575.00 (not including tax).


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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You can use the button at the top of the page titled 'find online jeweler' or the grid on the home page here to find offers from a variety of dealers for superficially similar stones. There are other factors, like accuracy of grading, cut and other things that can make one offer more desirable than another but this is a quick and easy way to get a feel for what to expect for the lowest prices.



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To be frank, that is a horrible offer. You are overpaying so much that you can get a much higher quality diamond and a soilitaire setting less than the price of the diamond you are being offered.


Not to knock EGL, but everyone in the industry can agree that GIA or AGS graded diamonds are the defacto grading laboratories in the industry. So, there are no disputes to the quality characteristics of a graded diamond.


Here's a diamond I found that should help you get a better idea.



1.21 Carats

E Color

Si2 Clarity

61.5% Dept

58% Table

GIA graded

VG - both polish and symmetry

Price- $6,279

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