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Bought G color Oval diam appraiser says it is an H


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My boyfriend bought an oval brillant diamond with an EGL certificate. The certificate stated it is a G color VS2 Clarity. In order to get it insured he needed to take it to an independent appraiser. The appraiser gave it an H color. With that appraisal we contacted the local jeweler asking him if we could remedy this. The ring is beautiful but we feel as though we should be reimbursed for getting a lesser color diamond.


I have a couple of questions:


Should I return the diamond and start from scratch with finding a new one?


Should I get reimbursed some money if I want to keep the ring? ( most jewelers hate giving up money)


Any help anyone give would be great.

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I think the difference between a G and an H color is minor. The jeweler may legitimately argue that the independent appraiser could be off.


It sounds like you love your diamond. Perhaps getting some sort of reimbursement, or perhaps a credit toward your bands, might be in order? The jeweler may suggest you "split the difference" between G and H, and that would be entirely reasonable as well. I would work with the jeweler on this one.


One thing that I disagree with is your statement, "most jewelers hate giving up money". I would argue that "ALL jewelers hate giving up money"!! :D

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