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Pricing a 2.51diamond

S Howard

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As the end user/consumer I would like an estimate of how much I should be paying for a diamond that is round in shape, 2.51 c, SI2, colour D, ideal cut. I'm told that the proportions of the diamond is amazing?? Should I request that it be cerified including the details of the cuting grade and the certificate lazered onto the stone. If so who do you recomend to do the certification. I'm told it can take up to 3 month for GIA or HDR to provide a certificate. The Jeweler is located in Toronto


S. Howard

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You can use the ‘find online jeweler’ button at the top of the page to find offers from several different dealers for stones that are similar to the one you’re considering. If the dealer is outside of Canada, don’t forget the VAT. It’s also worth noting that some dealers have trade up programs, special financing and other offers that may be included in the deal that are of interest to you so comparing with an internet vendor may not be entirely fair but this will depend on what you are looking for.


round in shape, 2.51 c, SI2, colour D, ideal cut.


All of these attributes have a substantial affect on the price and even a tiny variation can be important. I recommend looking carefully at the source of this information. That’s a pretty expensive stone and if it doesn’t have an independent lab report from a first rate lab, my first question for the seller would be ‘Why not?’


For US customers, I generally recommend demanding that any stone where the grading information is an important part of your shopping decision come with a GIA or AGS report that supports the information provided. For Canadian and European customers, I agree that it’s reasonable to add HRD to that list acceptable labs. Pay attention to the claim of ‘ideal cut’. Neither HRD nor GIA will make this claim and AGS is terribly specific about what they mean by it. It generally costs extra and, if you’re going to pay for an ‘ideal cut’, get it backed up with an AGS report that describes it as such. Recent GIA reports also include a cut grade and their top grade is called ‘Excellent’. This too is pretty specific, will trade at a premium and should be supported with a lab report issued by GIA (not just by a graduate from their college for gemologists).


GIA is kind of slow, but they aren’t that slow unless her Majesty’s customs office is tying up 2 of your months. Their current turnaround time is about 3 weeks from when you get the stone to one of their labs until they send it back. AGS takes about 2 weeks. I don’t know much about doing business with HRD because they have no lab in the US but I’ve heard they’re pretty fast.



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