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my certified f colr diamonds keep turning yellow


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I have had to return my engagement ring because it turned yellow. We upgraeded to a princess cut f color certified diamond and within a few weeks this ring is also starting to turn yellow. Why is this happening? I am using no chemicals or anything that could cause this to happen. Even after the rings have been professionaly cleaned it still is yellow. we didn't buy it yellow, so what could cause this to happen?

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If it is the engagement ring, not the diamond, that is turning yellow... All white gold has a tint of yellow to it. When a ring is completed it is rhodium plated which makes it more white and shiny. When the rhodium plating wears off you begin to see the yellow tinge in the metal. How fast this wears off and the sensitivity to notice the color varies from person to person.


Some 18k white gold is alloyed with a white metal called palladium, this will help maintain a whiteness when the rhodium plating wears off. You may want to ask if this is an option with your setting.

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Diamonds are pretty inert and changing the color requires pretty aggressive action that you are surely not doing. Heavy doses of specific types of radiation comes to mind as the usual method. This means that it’s something on the surface or on the mounting. My guess is that it’s on the inside of the prongs where it’s difficult to clean or possibly trapped in some sort of inclusion. Thorough cleaning is going to be the key. If it’s the prong, it may be necessary to pull and reset the stone so that they can polish the metal underneath to keep it from happening again. A good appraiser should be able to tell you what the problem is if they can look at it through their microscope.


It may just be that clean diamonds look different from dirty diamonds. When you get it back from being cleaned it sparkles and as this gets dulled a bit by crud on the back of the stone it shows more color.



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