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Am I paying too much for this diamond?


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Looking at the specs of the diamond, everything looks good until you get to the certification. The most respected grading laboratories in the industry are GIA and AGS.


Their strict grading structure is the example that many laboratories want to adhere to, but some don't. EGL-graded diamonds tend to be more lenient in the benefit of the jeweler.


Thus, this diamond might be graded as an H color, VS2 clarity, but chances are it's probably more like an I color, SI1 clairty.


So, let's compare the diamond you are contemplating on purchasing to a diamond that is an H color, VS2 and an I color, SI1. Both of these diamonds would be GIA graded.






Thin to Medium

7.13 - 7.16 x 4.28 mm

58% 59% (Theser are table and depth percentages that contribute to the cut of a diamond)


None None







7.04 - 7.10 x 4.34 mm

61.4% 56%


None None



The second diamond is the more realistic diamond in comparison, and see how much you save. So, it's always good to look at initial offerings, but don't jump on them until you dot your I's and cross your T's.

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