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Some diamonds have various things written on the girdle while others do not. Although this is often intended to assist in recognizing a particular stone and matching it to the grading report, it’s not a substitute for a careful examination. The procedure for matching a stone to a grading report is the same whether there is a girdle inscription or not. Measure it, grade it, and examine the plotting diagram. If you don't have a fair amount of practice at this, consider hiring someone who does to assist you.



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Hire an independent appraiser to look at both the stone and the grading report and give you their opinions. If there isn't one in town, there are several of us that do this sort of work nationally. They can tell you if the report is accurate, if it is for the correct stone and often quite a bit more about it. Be careful about appraisers who either buy or sell diamonds for this kind of work, it's a conflict of interest.


If you want a laser inscription, it's easy enough to do and not terribly expensive and I suspect that either dirtcheap or your appraiser can have it done but you should be sure you're happy with the stone first. Writing things on it will void your ability to return it so get it first, look at it, get it appraised etc. before you do that.



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