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South African Diamond council/association


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Hello, just wanted to know how does the South African diamond council rank as far as grading diamonds is concerned. If i were to buy a diamond here, in South Africa; without a GIA certificate should i look for something specific in order to get the best possible deal.

I read here on this website sometime back that other organisations are rather lenient when it comes to grading...help please.

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GIA and AGS don’t do business everywhere in the world and there are high quality local labs out there that we’ve never heard of here in the US. I’ve seen exactly one stone that was graded by the South African Diamond Council, and it was graded correctly. I wouldn’t exactly describe this as a reasonable sampling of their work but it’s something. Ask around at the jewelers in your city and get a feel for the lab's reputation in the community. Ask one of the resale dealers about selling them a stone with a SADC grading report and listen to what they have to say about it.



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