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i want buy a diamond from my7diamonds office


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my7diamonds.com looks like a diamond dealer out of Hong Kong who has a catalog full of things that they are offering to sell to anyone with a credit card. What's your question?


Here's their refund policy:

Customers accordingly are offered the right of a refund within ten days from the date of receipt of the diamond/s for whatever reason, subject to M7D’s right to exercise reasonable deduction in accordance with reasonable commercial terms with respect to the cash refund.


Given their lack of explanation about what they consider to be 'reasonable' despite a 3900 word essay for their terms and conditions and their apparent belief that there is nothing important to consider beyond what appears on an IGI grading report, why do you want to buy from them?


I also spot this clause in their terms, which is the closest thing I can find to a privacy policy:

M7D reserves the right to store as its own commercial database all personal and related details that have been submitted by customers.


If you are now, or are considering becoming, one of their sales affiliates, I recommend you be careful. They are asking for some very sensitive information that you may not want to give to someone you don't know well in exchange for a promise of what most would count as a pretty measly commission sales program. Maybe I'm missing something. If you're here to pitch the MLM package, I would love to hear about it. At the risk of sounding hostile to a first time poster, why would anyone do this?



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