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old diamond usage

Guest beny

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I was married at one time and have a very nice ring from that. My question is, is it considered fine, or in bad taste to use diamonds from a ring/relationship that went bad, to have an engagement ring made? This would be a new ring with rocks with a past.

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'Removing jewelers hat and replacing with counselor's hat'


I think it is a major league faux paus unless your SO is aware of the situation and actually insists on it.


The emotions involved in the engagement ring as a symbol make this a potential future minefield for both of you.


Why take that chance?


Sell the old ring or find a jeweler that will take it on trade.

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The ring/diamond is a symbol. What would you like it to symbolize? It's not really a question of "bad taste" or "faux pas", it's a question of what you and your new significant other want the ring/diamond to symbolize.


IMHO, new relationship = new ring/diamond.

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im in the exact same predicament now. I was very hesitant to ask my intended how she felt on it. She would not have it. I was engaged 10 years ago. Have the stone and considered resetting it. Tho I have no emotional investment in the old stone whatsoever. Tho it elicits no feelings in me whatsoever, my girlfriend will not accept this old stone in any setting, situation, circumstance etc. So I am swapping out a round stone for a slightly better new round stone. And losing a couple thousand dollars in the exchange.


The latter is a point worth noting. If your new woman has any idea of what the old stone is or has seen it, i think you would be sorry later if the new stone isnt "better". :)

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