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Can I fit a diamond in my given budget?


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Hi everyone, I'm new here and this may be a dumb question...


I am not in a traditional situation.


My fiancee is from a 3rd world country and said that engagement rings are not part of culture and she found it strange someone would buy an engagement ring, however we both agreed that since it's part of my culture I should get her something. I met her here (she is working here on a legal visa as a nanny) but we will be married in her country but live here.


Now here is the question: She said she'd let me buy her a ring if it cost NO more than $500. She wants me really to be paying off debt (car, 4 years left, motorcyle 4.5 years left) and saving for a house.


I really think $500 is an impossible budget. She likes yellow gold and doesn't like a big stone with prongs. The designs she pointed out were very very small stones in a circle on the band itself (isn't this more of a "wedding band" style than engagement?).


Considering I've never been married but am good at research (I'm here, aren't I?) what would you suggest ? I'd like to get something certified by one of the 2 big certification companies but have also ready here that stones under 1ct often don't have certificates.





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My husband is from Holland - and he never even HEARD of the idea of an engagement ring, let alone a diamond.


So, needless to say, I didn't get a diamond when I got engaged :P

I'm getting it now, though!


Anyway, back to the subject at hand. You CAN find really lovely diamond rings for under $500

I was looking around, because I saw some that were in the 3-400 range and were really pretty, but I'm scattered at the moment and can't figure out where I saw them. Sorry about that...


but the question is - does it HAVE to be a diamond? What about another type of stone? Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald? Does she have a favourite colour?

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There is no reason for you to be locked into a 'diamond' engagement ring.. In fact, colored gemstones have been the norm for centuries until relatively recently.. You can find a fabulous gemstone, maybe her borthstone, your birthstone, important family member etc, and make it something unique..

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I don't think you're going to find an AGS or GIA certified diamond for under $500. Remember that just the certification cost is ~$100 so it would make no financial sense.


Why don't you get her exactly what she's asking for -- a gold ring with very small uncertified stones around it? It is certainly possible to find such a ring for around $500.

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Well I gave up on my search (for a sub $500 diamond ring)...I looked up her birthstone & it was diamond *LOL*.


I ended up spending $1600 @ 0% for 10 months on a GIA graded

0.43 ct

D color

VS1 clarity

and good depth & table proportions (probably would fall into 01B-2A) on this sites measurements).

It is pear shaped

Ring has rubies on the side.


I hope she loves it :D

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