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Needing some advice.


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I have found a 1.52 princess diamond solitaire. The clarity is I1. There is no carbon but there is a couple of tiny inclusions that come to the top of the surface. Im very liminted to what i can spend and i am wanting a BIG diamond. The color is H-I. I can get the ring for like 1400.00. I have bought from this seller before and shes very well know and very trust worthy. But i would appreciate any information anyone could offer. Thanks, Pamie

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Even using the I1 clarity, I STILL don't see anything as cheap as you are suggesting for the size you are suggesting.

I would go with 'buyer beware' and 'if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is' and find out what else is up with this stone before you spend money on it.


I ran 1.45 - 1.55 carat, H-I color, I1 clarity Princess cut

and well, just trust me - the price you have listed is rediculously low.


be careful.

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well, how do you feel about the includsion on the surface? most people would choose to go with an 'eye clean' diamond - meaning there are inclusions, but you can't SEE them.


Also, I don't think the mark up on diamonds is that high, is it? I've read that there isnt' that much of an increase between what a reseller would PAY for a stone and what they would SELL it for - therefore, I would still be cautious in buying something so obviously under the going rate.

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1.52 princess

The clarity is I1.

The color is H-I.

I can get the ring for like 1400.00


... shes very trust worthy. 

Weight, shape, color, clarity and price are not the whole story in diamond but it's a nice place to start. What's the source of this information? The difference between an I-1 H and an I-2 K is remarkably important and far from obvious to most observers. That's why a trustworthy seller is so important.


I'm still not understanding the price. Is she offering to sell it to you for $1,400? If the above information is correct and there are no other problems with the stone, this is a great deal. She should be happy to let you show it to a independent expert to help you decide but it's entirely reasonable for her to expect you to do this quickly. Trust, but verify.



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Does the inclusion you mention break the surface plane? If it does you may have a potential big problem on your hands.


Is the diamond fracture filled?


$1400.00 for a 1.5 carat princess raises a very red flag. Take Neil's advice and get this diamond checked out by an Independent Appraiser.

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