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when is time to remount


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My engagement ring is almost 14 years old. It's a 1/2 carat marquise cut with 1/4 carat trillion-shaped emeralds on either side, set in 14kt gold. I have had it inspected twice a year since I got it, and it's been retipped and repronged twice each. In December, about three weeks after its inspection, an emerald fell out. I took it back to the jeweler, and they replaced it under my warranty. It took a month to get it back, but two days after I got it back, the other emerald fell out. The jeweler replaced that one as well, but now they are telling me that it needs remounted or I will continue to have problems with it. I have never heard of anyone needing a complete remounting in just 14 years. My mother has had hers for over 40 and has never had anything done to it. Is the jeweler being honest with me? They have really upheld their end of the warranty, but should I take it elsewhere? I asked them to retip it for now and let me think about the rest of the work. Should I get another opinion? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks

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Without seeing the ring there is really no way to tell you for sure, but, I have a custer whoe has her stuff remounted about every 3 or 4 years.. She is that hard on her jewelry.. Wear is a very individual thing and what may last several lifetimes for one person many only last for 5 or 10 years for someone else..


From your jewelr's perspective.. I can understand the desire to remount your ring.. We tell customers all the time that their jewelry is worn out and needs to be replaced, not repaired.. With loosing 2 stones in a short amount of time, I would tend to think that your ring has neared that point..


Let me ask you this though.. Your jewelr has replaced, under warranty, two stones for you with now hassles.. Why would you think that he was being less than honest now??

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Very true. I guess I should be grateful for the good service I've had. I just want to get the best results because this ring is priceless to me. I was upset enough when the first stone fell out. They have told me I would need to pick out a new setting, and I was hoping that my ring would always look the same. When I get it done is there anything in particular I need to look for?

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Keep the ring looking the same is a whole 'nother issue :P


You don't say what type of work your jeweler does, so it's hard to say how they plan to remount it.. When you say it took a month to get back my guess is that they are a seller of jewelry and not makers of jewelry.. The title of Jeweler seems to cover a very large assortment of jobs so it's hard to talk about what a 'jeweler' can do..


You may want to look around at some jewelers that actually make jewelry.. My guess is that you can find one that is more than capable of recreating your ring exactly as it is now, only stronger and ready to take another 15 years of wear and tear.. You might even find that it's no more expensive to have a new ring created from the old one than it is to simply replace the mounting with something new..

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