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Carat over clarity?


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I have been offered a choice between a 1.03 G colour VS1 round diamond @$5800 and a 1.10 G colour VS2 round diamond @$5900, both with Nil flour. and good/very good polish and symmetry.


I am not sure which is worth more in the market the carat or the clarity so not sure which one to go for. I want it to have longterm trade off value.


also am i getting a good deal?????

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I did a quick search here, looking at online vendors.



i saw one that was a vg/vg 1.05c g/vs2 for $5500 with an EGL cert, which means the color/clarity may not be what you think



and a 1.10c G/vs2 1.10 carat starting around $5900 with a GIA cert


so as you can see, the cert does have a price difference.



do the stones you are comparing come with certification? from which lab?



i will tell you i know NOTHING about round diamonds (as compared with next-to-nothing about the emerald cuts I adore)...but I do know that you can get the crown and pavilion angles, the table and depth percentages, and use those numbers to determine if the diamond fits into the 'ideal' cut category...keep in mind that it is the CUT that is the most important "C"!

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