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The day approaches -- size of diamond

Jay Gatsby

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Although this may belong in the "down on one knee" forum, this forum seems to have the most traffic these days.


As the day approaches for me to pop the question, I have a nagging sensation in the back of my mind that the diamond I purchased isn't going to be big enough. A few months back, I purchased a 1.20 ct F color round 62% depth 59% table set in a Tiffany style 4-prong platinum band.


To answer the primary question many of you might have, no I didn't take her around to jewelry stores to get an idea of what she wants/likes. I consider that somewhat tasteless -- an engagement ring is a gift -- and it was my obligation to educate myself on diamonds. With that said, I did determine that she wanted a platinum setting, and know from personal experience that trying to get creative with the style of setting or shape of the diamond is asking for trouble (she likes traditional/conservative jewelry). Likewise, I also know that she wants at least a carat. Finally, I know that she wants a diamond that "winks" at her.


I think I've fulfilled her requirements without going over the budget I set for myself (in fact, I came in slightly under budget, but spending the extra money wouldn't have resulted in a significantly better stone).


Anyone have any thoughts on the size/quality of the stone I purchased? From what I've read, 1 carat G-H color seems to be the general benchmark, so I decided to go larger but higher quality.

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Good luck with your plans.


A 1.20ct. is a perfectly respectable size in most circles but in Beverly Hills, Aspen and certain blocks of Manhattan it'll get scoffs. Not everyone views these things the same way so it's not really possible to answer your question.


If this is a gift of love and not just fulfilling requirements it'll be received as such.



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Jay, have no fear. Fact is, you can spend all the money in the world and still not have a diamond that is "big enough". A high-quality 1.20ct is a very generous engagement gift and she will be very lucky to have received it.

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