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Flourescence and fire in a diamond


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Hi, I have been shopping around for a pear shape diamond about 2 ct in size.


I'd like to ask, how much premium do u pay for a stone with flourecence and fire ?


Whats the diff between flourescence and fire ??

What do they mean by fire anyway ?? The cut ?


And is a stone considered lousier of it does not come with fflourescence ?


Thanks in advance.

I realise the price and vary by a great deal for a diamond with and without flourescence ...

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I personally like blue flourecence cos it makes the stone look whiter.


However, how much premium should one pay ?


If the stone is E or F colour without flourescence, is it better than a G colour with strong flourescence ??


Thanks, but I am a real newbie.

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Fire refers to dispersion or prismatic colors of the rainbow that comes off the diamond and is based on the Cut Quality of the diamond, i.e.; it's facet alignment, facet angle, facet size, and shape outline.


The very best explanation of Fluorescence and it's effects on diamond appearance has been covered in an excellent scientific study by GIA. Read it at this link:




Good Luck.

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Fluorescence isn't generally much of a factor in the pricing and, when it is, it's usually counted as a negative. I agree with you and GIA, I rather like it. Currently it's out of fashion but this has not always been the case and it's anybody's guess how things will change in the future.


Extreme fluorescence can cause the stone to have a milky appearance in lighting environments with a strong UV component, including sunlight, which is a severe problem. This is pretty rare but consumer fear when buying stones without looking at them seems to be the root of the worry.


In high color stones (D-F) medium-strong fluorescence may to result in a savings of a few percent and in lower colors (J-M) it will add a premium of a few percent. In the middle it won't have an affect on the price amd on normal types of lighting it has no affect on the look.



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I read the gia report. Its hard to understand what they are trying to say.

Sorry, I am a layman ..

Most people do not consider a stone to be lousier if it does not come with flourescence. You are not 'most people' and you should buy what you like.


Flourescence usually doesn't cost extra.



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Thanks !


you made things simpler for me :)


Often, jewellers will say to me 'its a very good diamond, with very strong flourecence ...' gives me the impression that I shd be paying more for the flourescence.


Thanks for clearing that up for me !

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