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table vs. depth in emerald cut diamond

Adam Gower

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i am looking at an emerald stone that is within all parameters acceptable to me except that the table is 76.6%. is this a critical issue do you think? details herewith:



Emerald step

I color

7.67 x 5.77 x 3.72

depth 64.5

table 76.6

crown 7.6

pavilion 53.5

girdle thin to sl thick polished

polish good to v.good

symmetry good

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From the reading and research I've done (i'm sure some actual pro's will post some more educated info!) the best situation is one where the table on an EC is in lower number rangers than the one you posted.


That having been said, my EC has a 70% table and I think it's magnificent.


Emerald Cuts, maybe even more than some other cuts, really need your EYES to determine if it's a great stone or not.


Have you seen the diamond? Do you love it?

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oh..hey..i wanted to also say that it's important that you see the diamond in person because of the I color you selected. Since EC's are a lot less forgiving than some more faceted stones, you may see more of that color in it.



A lot of people say not to go below an g/h color in an emerald cut. my PERSONAL opinion (yeah - it's completely opinion and completely MINE) is that I wouldn't go below an F. I was able to see the color difference between the D and the F we went to compare and I didn't like that, likewise, when my daughter and I saw an E vs a G, even she was able to see the difference (and she doesn't like diamonds to begin with - so young and niave! LOL!) again, a matter of personal preference.


You want to have a look, be sure YOU are happy with what you are purchasing.

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