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Bidz.Com Auction Jewerly


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Although this question was posted a while ago, I wanted to post a reply in case someone was wondering the same question right now.


I have purchased about 15 items from bidz.com and have had great experiences. But I am not spending much. I am purchasing birthday gifts for my daughters' friends and spend between $15 and $100 for each jewellry purchase. The girls are always very pleased with their gifts. Try not to spend more than 20 per cent of the " suggested retail price" and you should not go wrong. I have seen their jewellry in retail stores for at least triple the price which I paid. It is a fun way to shop. With the much more expensive items, one must be very careful but you do have the money back guarantee to fall back on.

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Anyone ever do business with Bidz.Com? I am looking for anyone who can tell me if this is a legimate online company or not?


Concerning Bidz, They are legitimate, you Just have to be careful and study the pictures and descriptions in text. their policy is 15 precent charge if the item is as described if you decide you want to return an item.

Also, if purchasing a diamond there are a couple of unavoidable risks. THere is a picture of the ring, description of clarity and color, but you have no cert on the diamond to reflect the quality of the cut. As you probably already know, a diamong can be in the colorless range, good clarity but the light return is terrible and you have a lifeless diamond. Nothing worse than a dull looking stone because of poor cut.

Also, most of the diamonds they offer on bidz are clarity enhanced, which isnt necessarily a bad thing, just often when a diamond is clarity enhanced the cut of the stone is average quality

So, you really have to scrutinize what is available in the description which is tuff with a picture

They do offer a cert when purchased, not before. Kind of a moronic thing but that is how they do it

Although it seems futile, I have to admit I have been pretty lucky, I have wonsome items so cheap they were practically stolen, maybe 20 percent of wholesale


There are far more people on Bidz now so it is tough with all the competition but you can win some really quality pieces.


Good Luck

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Bidz is a closeout house. Manufacturers, jewelers, department stores and the like will consign things to them in exchange for a commission. It’s a good place to sell low end goods that aren’t doing well elsewhere for whatever reason. Some are returns, some are discontinued lines or any variety of other reasons. The “suggested retail prices†are complete fiction. They are assigned by the seller and can be literally anything they want. $40,000 for an item that they hope to sell for $500 - No problem! Since the buyer has no way of knowing who is making this ‘suggestion’ and on what they are basing it, their advice should be COMPLETELY ignored. I’ve seen quite a few things sold there that were a ripoff at 5% and I’ve never seen anything where their suggestion was even close to reasonable.


This site is a total crapshoot. Notice the return policy of 15 days with a 15% restocking penalty plus return shipping. It can be fun and their auction format resets the clock if someone bids near the end with adds to the entertainment value of the auction but for me the whole system of providing a price to compare to that’s supposedly useful in deciding if you got a good deal is a deceptive practice and to me is a reason to avoid them. The weak descriptions are another. I agree with the above suggestion that there are considerable risks associated with buying from these folks but I but I disagree that there's no way to avoid them. All you have to do is avoid that button titled 'BID!'.



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I see that on A LOT OF forums people are posting about bad quality OR even very bad support.

Money back guarantee => they do but you need to pay 15% restocking + shipping costs. Then they put it for sale again ! They always win...


I have found this excellent idea to help those customers.



(I know it is an url of other forum site, but it would help if everybody does this !)


What do you think ? Because I almost purchased with them. They already cheat on their shipping costs to !!

I have read somewhere that you need to pay $30 for the certificate if available !


This company is traded on Nasdaq ?? Can a company like this, get listed so easily ?


About those complaints I found just type "bidz.com" in google, you will find many many complaints like http://www.ripoffreport.com/searchresults....mp;searchtype=0


This post isn't to spam or anything, maybe it could help all those "ripped off" customers !


Let me know...

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