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what's a good price for?


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There's not really enough information here to give you a meaningful answer. The prices of jewelery, and most other things, have as much or more to do with the craftsmanship and the marketplace as it does with the marketplace and occasionally things like the ownership history and similar wierd elements come into play. Is this at a jewelry store, a pawn shop, an online auction or some other marketplace entirely? Are you the buyer or the seller? Prices paid by to consumers by pawn shops is usually considerably less than the prices charged by jewelry stores for the same item and there are a huge variety of choices between. Assuming that someone is offering to sell you this bracelet, it's probably expensive enough to be worth hiring an appraiser to help you tell the difference between a well made piece that will serve you a lifetime and a piece that's worth it's weight in gold but little more.


Have you seen the item?



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