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There is an interactive online jewely auction called Bidz.Com. I am a new user to them and have already experienced very poor customer service. Actually no responding customer service at all. I am wondering if anyone has purchased jewerly from their auction and if this Bidz. Com is a reputable jewerly seller online, I can safely purchase jewerly from. I have a large pending order with them and have already received a refund from merchandise they did not ship. I cannot get anyone from that Bidz. Com organization to communicate with me to ensure my large payment gets properly credited and jewerly shipped. Noone at this organization answers my emails, faxes or even answers the phone. I like the jewerly and would love to purchase it, but I am afraid they take the money and do not send the jewerly. I have already received one refund thru Paypal and then if I Paypal this large money payment, and do not receive the jewerly, Paypal will have a second claim to investigate. Noone at the organization responds to my inquires or concerns about my account.


Please advise, if anyone knowsa bout Bidz.Com and have any comments about purchasing their auctioned jewerly.

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i have made several purchases from Bidz and haven't ever had a problem. in fact, i questioned the delivery of one purchase that included several items and received a reply with tracking information with 24 hours.


i can tell you honestly that i have never purchased anything of substantial value - in other words, even my 'several item' order was well under $100.00 total.


i've not heard anything bad about them from anyone i know or have spoken to. have you tried contacting them by phone?


they are a bit on the slow side as far as shipping goes, but so far, i've always received exactly what i ordered.

good luck!

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I'm not personally familiar with Bidz.com, but your message made me curious. They seem to be a reliable company offering nice items; however, when I looked up more information on them, I did find 2 negative reviews of their service. One buyer did purchase jewelry.


You can read them yourself at:



Try to establish communication with the customer service department before send any more money.


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I wish the best of luck!

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