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I-J Color, I1 Clarity - is this money well spent?


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My husband and I just recently upgraded my wedding set. The ring we purchased was from Helzberg Diamonds. It's a 1.24ct brilliant round in 14k gold. The color is I-J, clarity is I1. It is IGI certified and we paid around $5000 it. Not fully understanding everything about this information, this was also on the report:


measurement: 6.53 - 6.59 x 4.40 MM (I have no idea what that means)

polish/symmetry: good/good


My question is, is this a "good diamond?" On thing I've noticed is that it glows a bright blue-ish color when exposed to UV rays (tanning bed) and it immediately made me think we had an awful diamond. I read a little about fluro, does my diamond have this?


$5000 is comfortable in our budget and doing the trade-in from my old set helped us to buy a larger diamond. (We also have 90 days to return.) We've been very happy with Helzberg in the past, which is why we went back. (This is my third upgrade.) I just want to make sure we're getting an "appropriate" diamond for the money spent.


Any and all comments will be very appreciated!!

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The blue glow you are seeing in the UV bed is fluorescence. Most people count it as a feature in that color range.


I-1 isn't a popular clarity with internet buyers because the range is so large. It contains some lovely stones and also some stinkers. If you're buying the stone in person this is less of a risk because you are actually looking at the stone. The same is true with the J color. In the tutorial is a discussion about what these terms mean. You should consider getting an independent appraisal during your 90 day return period if you feel that there may be important information that wasn't included in your sales presentation. It's a little tricky because you can only 'upgrade' at the store where you bought the stone so you are sort of locked into the selection available at Helzburg.


measurement: 6.53 - 6.59 x 4.40 MM

This is the overall dimensions of the stone measured in millimeters.


There's not enough info here to tell much about your stone but congratulations on upgrading. Is this to commemorate an anniversary?



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Thanks for your repsonse! The stone itself looks very "eye clean" (I think that's the right term) I could only see inclusions under the scope at when we looked at it before buying it. I can also see a lot of "rainbow type effects" in my stone. Is that a good or bad thing?


Getting an appraisal is a good idea, I hadn't thought about that.


Our anniversary isn't until the fall, so I guess you could say this was an early gift!! This is our third upgrade and my husband would like it to be the last ;) so I want to make sure we're not making a bad (so to speak) purchase. Would I be better off exchanging this ring for something (staying within our budget) a little smaller but better quality (color, clarity, etc.)?

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The rainbow effect you refer to is called dispersion and is one of the elements of the cutting although you have to be careful because it often has as much or more to do with the lighting environment as it does with the stone. I like it. Good cutting tends to drive up the pricing a little bit but most people find that it’s worth it in the increased beauty of the stones. Dollar for dollar, cutting will have the biggest effect on the look of your stone. Combining weight, clarity, color and price is a balancing act that not everyone approaches in the same way. Higher clarity and color will either equal a smaller size or a higher price (or both). There’s no doubt that D-IF’s are usually pretty nice looking rocks but you may not be interested in paying for the difference where other people will be. This tends to be primarily a financial decision. It sounds like you’re pretty happy with what you have and are just fishing to see if you could get something ‘better’ without really knowing what you might prefer. Correct? Since you’re locked into Helzburg, go spend some time at the store looking at what’s available. Pay attention to the store lighting because it varies quite a bit in different areas of the store and you should try to look at things in a variety of lighting conditions and most people don’t spend much of their time under lights like that. Ask to see one of their premium brands and see if you like the look. As I recall, they sell the ‘hearts on fire’ brand, which are usually pretty nicely cut but if they don’t have that brand they’ll have something designed to compete with it.


Neil Beaty


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