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What is the value of this engagement ring?


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A friend has made me an engagement ring and an estimated value. I need to get it appraised for insurance, but I don't have enough time before the proposal will take place. Just curious to see what you think the value of this ring might be - here are the details I have:


Ladies Platinum Engagement Ring


Center: .69 carats RBC with OGI Report (Actual Weight)

H Color, SI2 Clarity (Eye Clean) AGS 3 Cut Grade

57.7 Depth, 62% Table


Sides: six channel set Princess Cuts and 2 Baby Marquise

cuts totaling 1/2 carat (.54ct Actual Weight) SI, G-H Color


Approximately 1.23 Carats Total Weight


Weight: 7.1 Grams

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Thank you for the advise - I will try to get that done asap - before next week. I am volunteering doing Katrina relief in MS right now and it's hard to get away - I understand that I will have to get a appraisal before I can get the ring insured and so I apologize for being unclear.


I was hoping to get an opinion from you and not planning to use that opinion to get the ring insured. Just looking for an opinion. Any advise you can offer would be great. The only location I can find close by me in the Gulfport/Bay St. Louis area of MS is taking 10 days for an appraisal. Any ideas of anyone in the area - thanks.



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