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What is meant by flourescence in a diamond?


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I am interested in a diamond that has a medium-blue flourescence. Is this good or bad? What is meant by this, and what are the guidelines for flourescence as far as what is desireable/not desireable? (I see that some diamonds have an "N" next to flourescence on the description, which I assume means "none," so I am not sure what to make of this.)


Thank you!


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Any rating of fluorescence other than "none" will offer a slight discount to the price of the diamond. However, this is not due to any negative impact that it has on the diamond. For example, if you bought a diamond that had "faint" fluorescence you could only see the effect it has on the diamond under "black light" conditions. If you were to place the diamond up close to a "black light" you would notice a faint blue glowing sensation. However, when viewing the diamond in and around any other normal lighting condition, it is not visible to the eye. Fluorescence seems to be more of a preference determination with most buyers. For the most part, having fluorescence in the diamond won't hinder the beauty of the diamond at all. Only in very rare circumstances do you come across a negative appearance to a diamond. That generally occurs when you have a colorless (D,E,F) diamond with a "strong" rating of fluorescence. It is minute, but sometimes when you mix a colorless diamond with a high level of fluorescence you can get a milky, hazy, or cloudy appearance to the diamond when viewing the diamond under sunlight. However, this is rare. At any rate, if you are considering a possible purchase of a diamond that has fluorescence, than just make sure when speaking to the seller that the fluorescence in that particular diamond does not have any negative effect on the visual appearance of the diamond. Hopefully this helps. Good luck....




This was posted by Josh @ James Allen about 6 months ago, but I thought it might help.

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